What your moon phase says about your personality and embodiment

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Move over, Sun signs! It’s time to start focusing more on the Moon—the Moon’s phases, to be specific. Perhaps you already identify more with your Moon sign than with your Sun, but things get really juicy when you start paying attention to your natal Moon phase. Instead of naming your Sun or Moon sign, describing yourself according to your natal Moon phase really gets to the heart of your instinctual personality inclinations.

The Moon phase you were born under gives flavour to your personality. It shows you how you go about translating your solar purpose into lunar materiality. Whether you’re aware of it or not, your natal Moon phase is one of the primary indicators that shape your embodiment. Awareness of your natal Moon phase gives you insight into how you embody your vision and purpose in life.

What is a moon phase?

The Moon’s phases show the changing relationship between the Sun and Moon as observed from our planet. Since the Moon doesn’t generate any light by itself, she reflects the light of the Sun. Each phase in the lunation cycle displays different proportions of illumination and shadow. These variations in light and darkness, corresponding to day and night, play a crucial role in regulating the cycles of biological and organic life.

In astrology, the Sun’s position by sign and house points to our fundamental life purpose or the essence of our soul’s mission. It’s about what we’ve come here to do and the vision we carry for our lives. The Moon, tied to our physical body, indicates how and where we ground and manifest the Sun’s intentions in our day-to-day reality. You can connect this also to the significations of the 9th house: the place of higher wisdom and insight, where the Sun finds its joy. In the 3rd house, the Moon’s joy, we find the daily routines that nourish us and connect us to the divine.

The lunar phases reveal the dynamic relationship between the Sun and Moon in the sky (and our chart), based on their angular distance. The interplay of light and dark in each moon phase creates different energies and interactions throughout the Sun/Moon journey. These energies are key to merging our solar vision with the lunar embodiment of that vision. Simply put, it’s about bringing our life’s purpose into the real world and making it a part of our daily existence. When you put it that way, your Moon phase becomes hella important. Not something to sleep on any longer!

This process of embodiment naturally becomes a reflection of our personality. Each Moon phase represents a different personality type that has a distinct way of translating their vision into reality.

The eight moon phases

While there are many ways to divide the lunation cycle, we most commonly divide the lunation cycle into eight-cross quarters. This eightfold division creates eight phases of 45 degrees each. Each phase lasts about 3½ days.

When interpreting your natal Moon phase, it helps to think of the division of light and dark, and where the Moon is in its monthly journey. In general, the waxing half of the cycle represents growth and increasing visibility, as the Moon gets ready to become fully illuminated. This part of the cycle often has to do with building and creating something, which will culminate around the time of the Full Moon. The waning half of the cycle represents release and decline, as the Moon gets progressively darker. There is more of a focus on distribution and change, as the Moon gets ready to renew itself during the New Moon.

How to figure out your moon phase?

The quickest way to figure out your moon phase is by eyeballing it in your birth chart. If you know the signs of your Sun and Moon, you can roughly calculate the moon phase by checking the aspectual relationship between them. For example, if your Sun is in Taurus and the Moon is in Leo, there’s a square aspect between them. Given that the Moon is ahead of the Sun in zodiacal order, this would imply a First Quarter moon phase. Or if your Sun is in Capricorn and the Moon is in Sagittarius, they are about 30 degrees away from each other. Given that the Moon is behind the Sun in zodiacal order, this would imply a Balsamic Moon phase.

Of course eyeballing is not the same as doing more precise calculations. Even in the examples above, the Moon phase could end up being different based on the exact degrees the Sun and Moon are in. So if you really want to be sure of what your Moon phase is: do the math! Start with the Sun in your chart and then move through the signs in zodiacal order until you get to the Moon. Work out how many degrees there are between your Sun and Moon and you should be able to figure out your moon phase.

If you’re still struggling, you can always search for an online calculator (there are plenty!) or consult with an astrologer.

New Moon personality and embodiment

Moon is 0-45° ahead of the Sun

Picture this: a seed, bursting with a new vision, breaks free in the darkness, germinating in the fertile dark soil. This is the start of a new phase, where everything is still possible. In this phase, the Moon travels so close to the Sun that we can’t see the Moon at night. There is no light to go by at this stage, meaning that we completely have to rely on our impulses. Yet the slow increase of light comes with a sense of excitement and energy. Sure, things may not be clear at this stage (and confusion is a big part of this phase), but it’s a great moment to set new intentions.

Born under this Moon, you’re a free agent navigating unknown history. Without any history to base your decisions on, you’re open to anything. There is a playfulness and innocence in this Moon phase — which some might call naivety. But your open mind simply means you’re not cynical, and that you have the energy and impulse to set out on a new path. New Moon folks reinvent themselves on a regular basis, as they are constantly drawn towards new beginnings. In this phase of newness, risks lead to discovering your unique way of doing things. What is key here, is to listen to your bodily instincts. Your gut response will give you the most valuable information. Embrace the uncertainty, for in this darkness, life emerges, and your journey begins.

Crescent Moon personality and embodiment

Moon is 45-90° ahead of the Sun

The seed is germinating underground, wanting to push through the surface. The Crescent Moon phase symbolises the breakthrough of the first shoots, urging life to struggle and emerge with confidence. In this phase, we find ourselves torn between the pull of a secure past and the hunger to overcome resistance. The fear of leading a life of quiet desperation looms if a decisive break from the past isn’t made. As the first light emerges, there’s a palpable pull towards the future and letting yourself be seen.

Yet it takes courage to assert yourself and break free from the past. When you’re born under the Cresent Moon phase, part of your process is about building your confidence and skills, overcoming that persistent feeling of inadequacy. It feels scary to break free from what’s familiar. Because there’s still little light in this phase, folks with this Moon phase need to trust their instincts and believe in their vision. Born under this phase, your life mirrors the struggle of emerging from the darkness into the light. It is important to get really intimate with your own patterns of resistance and to transmute that energy into confidence. Taking baby steps may help as a way to start building trust in your capabilities. At other times, navigating extreme experiences helps you test your skills and capacities, allowing yourself to discover the strength within.

First Quarter Moon personality and embodiment

Moon is 90-135° ahead of the Sun

Our little plant has sprouted to life and stretches its tendrils. Fully rooted into the soil, the plant now has a solid foundation to support and sustain the flower that is yet to come. We have reached the First Quarter Moon phase, a first point of tension between the Sun and Moon. The Moon is now half-light and half-dark, mirroring the tug-of-war between embodiment and vision. Often called “crisis in action”, this phase is about taking action, dealing with clashes between what you need and what you want—turning crises into chances to shape your path.

Being a First-Quarter Moon person means you’re quick to decide and future-focused. Quick-tempered yet solution-oriented, you thrive in crisis, seeing it as a catalyst for growth. Variety is your spice – one project is never enough. You are known to rise to the occasion, embracing the burgeoning action in your life. Always having a next thing to attend to also has its shadow sides, as rest is not part of your vocabulary, and you can get destructive when bored. Finding a healthy physical outlet is a way to consciously channel your frustration. It is also important for you to find a way to feel worthy even if you’re not actively doing something. This will help you be more intentional with your passionate energy and use it to build a better future.

Waxing Gibbous Moon personality and embodiment

Moon is 135-180° ahead of the Sun

The Waxing Gibbous Moon, with three-quarters illuminated, is like the final sprint before the culmination of the Full Moon. The plant is now in in its final stages of cultivation, producing buds in anticipation of the imminent bloom. In this phase, the Moon is bright and luminous, akin to a body nearing the end of pregnancy— full of anticipation. As the Moon prepares itself for its full state, we too find ourselves in anticipation of what’s waiting around the corner.

Individuals born under the Gibbous Moon often feel like standing on the brink of a significant vision. There’s an almost-full vibe, a sense of being “almost there”. You may feel building anticipation and the need to question everything. Your focus sharpens on perfecting existing structures, which makes you highly analytical and precise. Constantly seeking self-improvement, you use planning and organising as tools to come into greater alignment with who and how you want to be. As someone born under this moon phase, you might keenly sense the extraordinary pressure to achieve perfection and fully actualise your potential. It’s equally important to sense into what’s already right as it is to attune to what’s not working.

Full Moon personality and embodiment

Moon is 180-135° behind the Sun

In the Full Moon phase, everything is illuminated in the night sky. We have reached the peak of the lunar cycle, akin to the blooming of a flower in full glory. The Moon now opposes the Sun by sign and rises as the Sun sets, signaling a time of natural polarisation in life experiences. The intense brightness of the Moon allows for clear visibility, emphasising a heightened awareness of your interactions with others.

If you were born under the Full Moon phase, your life is filled with a variety of life experiences, providing you with a broad perspective on various aspects. With the maximum illumination of the Moon, you find yourself looking for meaning and purpose—something Full Moon folks often find in their relationship with other people. Like a flower needing pollination, you are open to external influences and the input of others. This can be with one person, but also with a group. Learning how to be in right relationship with others then becomes a key mission. There is no hiding for folks born under this Moon phase, meaning that you must wholeheartedly jump into life and have the courage to relate to others without fear. Learning to embrace the tension of opposites and to embody both sides of a polarity leads to more self-acceptance and a feeling of being a well-rounded human being.

Disseminating Moon personality and embodiment

Moon is 135-90° behind the Sun

We’ve come to the time to witness the fruit and start harvesting. In the Disseminating Moon phase, picture the cycle like a flower turning into a fruit, reaching its peak. The Moon still feels full, but the darkness starts creeping in. There is a sense that the initial vision of the cycle has been actualised and lived out. Now is the time to evaluate what it was all about and share those findings with the world. The focus here is on spreading what was valuable, like a plant distributing its fruits to the world. It’s a time to give back and share the fruit of our labours.

Disseminating Moon folks are full of energy and enthusiasm to express and spread their wisdom. Born under this phase, your mission is to share important life lessons with others, fitting well with the teacher or preacher archetype. You carve your own path, breaking conventions to convey valuable information in various ways. One of your challenges is that you may feel the need to gather more information before sharing insights, but the goal is to share abundantly. You possess more knowledge than you realise, and your ongoing journey can be a source of inspiration. It’s crucial for you to have an outlet so that you don’t keep your wisdom to yourself. Equally important is understanding that not everyone may resonate with your message. Finding your audience helps you make a bigger social impact.

Third Quarter Moon personality and embodiment

Moon is 90-45° behind the Sun

The plant cycle has reached its final stages. There are some last fruits to harvest, while the rest of the fruit is left on the vine in order to decompose and form new seeds. In the Last Quarter Moon phase, we again find ourselves at a point of half-light and half-dark. The Moon squares the Sun again, but now the Moon is moving towards the Sun and darkness is on the rise. Compared to the First Quarter Moon phase, this phase is called a “crisis in consciousness”. There’s a palpable shift towards deconstruction and a sense that what was built up must now be broken down.

Last Quarter folks carry an innate sense that they need to rebel against limiting beliefs and reorient to the future. You have a strong sense that you need to let go of what’s done before, since you understand that old ways won’t serve the purpose of what’s coming. This comes with a rebellion against oppressive and outdated structures, a need to cut ties with the past in order to prepare for the future. Your mission is not to share your experience, but to question what’s meaningful and what’s worth keeping. As a Last Quarter person, you carry a poignant awareness of life’s impermanence, which also means you deeply understand the value of letting go. Sometimes this may express as a constant sense of “in-betweenness”, which can come with a feeling of urgency to change something before it’s too late.  It’s important for you embrace endings and accept that “this too, shall pass”.

Balsamic Moon personality and embodiment

Moon is 45-0° behind the Sun

The seed is released and buried underground. At this stage, the plant is completely bare—conserving its energy until the next spring. Likewise, final Balsamic Moon phase represents closure. The moon’s light is dwindling until it vanishes, visible only in the early morning once a month. Once again, there’s no light to go by. Unlike the New Moon, which comes with fresh energy, the Balsamic Moon phase feels more withdrawn and introverted.

If you were born under the Balsamic Moon phase, you’ve stepped into a lifetime of closure and completion. Relationships carry a karmic weight, often completing themes from past lives in short, intense encounters. You excel at concluding things, leaving behind what no longer serves you. Time alone is crucial for reflection, making you a bit of a loner, comfortable with a select few. Your spiritual practice is a valuable resource (and necessity) in your quest to seek answers to life’s big questions. You may feel different or ahead of your time, finding it hard to fit in and deal with the structures you live in. Success tends to come later in life for Balsamic individuals, though your life purpose involves creating a legacy, distilling the wisdom of past experiences into something new. Quiet and wise, you hold a powerful transformative capacity.


If you’re curious about exploring more of your Moon Phase and how it relates to the rest of your chart, you’re welcome to book a consult with me.

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