Below are some kind words from the lovely people who have booked a consultation or reading with me in the past.

I’ve been doing Constellate astrology sessions with Britt for about six months, one or two sessions a month. These sessions are so helpful to me because Britt so quickly zeros in on the key elements of what I am expressing, mirroring back to me what she hears. She is able to relate my feelings to aspects in my chart, or transits that are currently happening, and give me insights into the larger picture of what is going on.  Then we will usually do a somatic exercise or parts work exercise to help me tune into different parts of what I’m feeling. I have tried to do this kind of somatic exercise on my own, and never been very successful, finding it hard to allow myself to access those emotions without short- cutting the experience. But something about being in Britt’s warm, deep and still presence makes  it possible for me to relax and attune to my different parts and to fully experience emotions I have only been half aware of.  I always walk away from sessions with more lightness, peace, softness, greater clarity about what I need, and more compassion towards myself. I have wanted therapy for a long time and not been able to find a therapist who I could afford, and who I could work with on a schedule that works with my life. This is the perfect kind of therapy for me, having a practitioner who speaks my language (astrology) and who can meet me on different levels, analytical, imaginal, emotional, and spiritual. I value how flexible she is, able to meet me where I’m at and how sensitive she is, able to quickly get a feel for what kind of session will be most helpful. I highly recommend sessions with Britt for anyone who wants to grow and change and have more insight into themselves and their patterns.

– Kylie, USA

I wanted to know more about astrology and my birth chart, and in working together with Britt I received more understanding about money and relationship patterns that may be blocking me. I also found the story of Ganymede Aquarius quite enlightening. Very insightful and informative to work with if you want to explore and understand yourself deeper or reinforce what you may have known about yourself. 

– Yuni, USA

My interest in astrology has always been somewhat peripheral, until the past year when I started studying it more intentionally. I found Britt through online content about sect and how to gauge planetary strength in my chart, and I thought that a reading with her would be a great opportunity to put together many of the concepts I was learning, and see them in practice in real time. Our session had been about a year after my first Saturn return ended and a few weeks after I’d found out that I’d had a different birth time, and so it helped to have a place to look at all of that in context, from a perspective that was further removed from me personally and also had more experience with astrology. Britt has a very open and calming presence. She’ll meet you where you are, which results in a very collaborative reading that leaves room for learning, context, and conversation. I felt very supported and validated by the end of it, with greater understanding of myself. I’ve been telling my friends that this reading helped me learn about myself and put into practice many concepts I’ve only known about theoretically before now. Highly recommend!

– Kylee, Singapore

Half a year ago I had a birth chart reading with Britt. We zoomed in on a few placements and that was very insightful. As it was my first reading ever I delighted in the process! Britt is a great astrologer for reading newbies as her explanations were clear and felt ‘on my level’. Apart from that I felt very comfortable in her presence and I liked her energy. Just now, I’ve revisited the Zoom recording and I was honestly baffled by how the reading has gained more depth, six months later. I feel struck by how illuminating her words are for me, how the themes and planets we’ve discussed have become all the more important. I’m surprised and delighted by the process and feel like by just watching back the recording I’ve had a whole new reading. Bizarrely good! Would recommend.

– Maud, the Netherlands

I booked a Venus mini reading with Britt as a little treat, and that’s exactly what it was! As an astrologer myself, I’m quite familiar with my chart, yet Britt found an amazing angle to this reading that brought some yummy new awareness to my relationship to Venus. The somatic exercises were the icing on the cake – or the fruit on the cake… which is more my thing, really. Leaning into authentic desires already! Thanks Britt!

– Sabine, the Netherlands

Britt is a very nice astrologer and coach. She has a warm and familiar character, which makes you immediately feel at ease with her. She takes the time to check in with you, carefully reviews your questions and wishes and has a tremendous amount of knowledge about her profession. I will definitely come back to her next year for another annual reading!

– Dajana, the Netherlands

Having a birth chart reading with Britt gave me much clarity about my struggles for the last few years in my life. She gave me a sense of safety, holding space for me to let out my emotions, yet in a way helping me stay grounded in the session. Britt is knowledgeable, down to earth and kind.

– Michelle, the Netherlands

She is an awesome astrologer! During my consultation she made me feel very comfortable with her friendly and radiant personality. It felt like I was speaking to an old friend, where we decided to pick up from where we left off! She explained areas in my birth chart so eloquently and clearly, shedding light on aspects of myself needing deep integration to help me create a more harmonious life! I highly recommend her because not only is she an amazing astrologer, she is relatable, easy going and fun! Thank you Brit for the great work you do! I look forward to having another session with you!

– Nickler, St. Lucia

Excellent reading from Britt. Highly intuitive and professional and left the reading feeling clearer about my current situation and about the direction for the future. Thank you

– Lucia, UK

Since I had my birth chart reading with Britt, I’ve listened already a few times to the recorded version and I keep discovering new insights. Britt is clearly a very knowledgeable astrologer, and my consult with her was truly an interaction, where I could ask any question and steer the conversation to those area’s in my life I wanted to better understand. If you are keen to lean more about yourself or looking for inspiration to take a next step in your own personal journey, get a consultation with Britt!

– Tim, Czech Republic

After quite some time searching for an astrologer with an empathetic, kind and healing approach to the practice, I came upon Britt´s website. After reading through her blog and the various testimonials left by other people on a similar journey for self-knowledge, I immediately wanted to book an appointment. Our session was exactly as I had hoped for – it felt like a conversation between friends. Britt was extremely comforting and put me at ease from the start, as well as very professional and knowledgeable. Although I was familiar with some aspects of my chart, I left our appointment with a more complete view of myself, as well as open to exploring new sides of life. I very much enjoyed the process and look forward to booking future sessions to complement my initial birth chart reading. I highly recommend her for anyone in search of understanding themselves on a deeper level. Thank you very much, Britt!

– Carlota, Peru

I booked a full birth chart consultation with Britt and found the session very empowering. I was familiar with my chart placements, but Britt never focused too much on justifying current situations or traits I had, but rather provided insights and multiple perspectives as to how certain energies could emerge in my life. She also answered some other technical questions I had about Astrology. Accuracy is nothing when there is no connection- and with Britt, her ability to empathise, provide emotional support and motivate was all the connection I needed. She was genuine in the care she showed and through the words she spoke, and I thank her tremendously for her time and services. Thank you so much, Britt!

– Colette, Singapore

Really wonderful session with Britt, she’s very understanding and insightful and explains in great detail what your chart means. Thank you!

– Valerie, UK

Engaged, compassionate and wise I truly recommend Britt for a reading!

– Karin, Sweden

I loved my reading with Britt! She covered so much valuable information in my “gifts and skills” reading and I can’t wait to have another reading with her! She was gentle, warm and understanding. Very knowledgeable about astrology (duh) and my chart specifically. Everything she explained made sense and it felt very much like an open dialogue and conversation which made the experience even richer and more meaningful for me. Thank you Britt! Highly recommend a reading with her!

– Stephanie, USA

Last month I had a birth chart reading with a friend. I thought it was super special how the information from our birth chart was so touching for both of us. We recognized ourselves and each other in the properties / characteristics that emerged, which occasionally released some emotion. I think it’s very nice that Britt also gives advice on how best to get close to yourself in different areas. It makes me curious, I would like to know so much more and I would recommend it right away!

– Anne, the Netherlands

I went into the consult without expectations. The consultation has given me insight and confirmation of who I am. Britt is spontaneous, open, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. It was a very nice gift to receive from my son.

– Frederike, the Netherlands

This week I had my first birth chart reading with Britt. This was very enlightening and gave me insight into what is going on at the moment. A huge help to better understand and place everything. Britt explained everything very clearly and also indicated additional current and upcoming important transits. Britt’s knowledge is remarkable. I had a lot of questions in the field of career and now understand much better why this is and especially in which direction I can go. I can wholeheartedly recommend a birth chart reading with Britt. Don’t hesitate, just do it! I myself have already booked a reading for my daughter.

– Kathleen, Belgium

I had a super nice deep dive session about my gifts & skills! Britt tells a lot in half an hour about what stands out to her in your birth chart and also clearly explains how certain placements work together or against each other, which provides a deeper layer that I often miss with other types of readings. It is indeed a real deep dive in your birth chart. Based on her findings, she also gave tips on how to better deal with your personal placements and how to tap into your potential. All in all, it gave me a more complete and cohesive picture of my birth chart. I really got a lot of value out of this. 🙂 Thank you Britt!

– Amber, the Netherlands

My reading with Britt was nothing short of fantastic. Her knowledge teamed with a skill and talent for clear and concise interpretation made for the most accurate astrology reading I’ve ever been given (and I’ve received quite a few throughout the years). If you’re looking for insight into who you are, your current life circumstances and or what’s to come she’s the professional astrologer to see!

– Stephanie, USA

Having a birth chart reading that took a deep-dive into my childhood together with Britt was truly remarkable. I’m still processing some of the things she had mentioned in our session, but the session was able to provide me with so much clarity and tied up some loose ends in my healing. It’s astonishing to see how one’s wounds have an actual place in astrology, that certain trials and tribulations were not necessarily the fault of anyone but a combination of factors that astrology has a say in. I feel like I’m rounding off a year – no – lifetime of healing and this reading helped me give my wounds a name and place. Also worth mentioning that Britt was excellent at holding space for the things that came up in the reading. Thank you so much, I’ll definitely be a returning customer!

– Caprice, the Netherlands

Readings with Britt are so informative and fun. Britt has this great balance of intuition and skill, knowing when to explain, dive deep and when to ask questions. Looking forward to doing another year ahead consult next year!

– Anne-Fleur, the Netherlands

Britt is very down to earth and is really knowledgable. I loved our time together as it was super educational & inspirational but also she could expose the deeper levels of my chart that I hadn’t heard or found before. I felt really seen and I got so much out of it. I felt at ease and supported and Britt answered all my questions very patiently. Thank you Britt!

– Jula, the Netherlands

My reading with Britt was so enlightening and informative. She is an exceptionally knowledgeable astrologer who was able to provide me with a lot of insight and guidance for the next year ahead. Britt took me through my upcoming transits while also helping me understand a lot of my experience this past year, which was very affirmative. She prepared electional charts to help us figure out the best timing for our wedding ceremony and provided incredible insight into her process. I left the session feeling with a lot of hope and excitement for the next chapter ahead. She has a really empathetic yet grounded approach to her astrology, a combo which can be rare to find but so important to me! Will definitely be setting up another reading with Britt soon!

– Emma, Canada

As a team of colleagues, we had three beautiful readings from Britt. This was a great way for us to understand ourselves better and get to know each other better. On a personal level this was so valuable and as colleagues this was very special to be able to share with each other. Everything fell into place; why we form a good team and why we complement each other well on a personal and professional level. Britt’s three readings have brought us closer together and we can and will definitely recommend doing this within teams in companies for a great collaboration. Thank you so much for these insights Britt.

– Ayla, Sanne & Bianca, the Netherlands

Britt showed me how magical and mind blowing astrology can be. After a birth chart reading, we took a look at some transits for the year ahead forecast. Even though I don’t know anything about transits or profections, Britt explained it all very clearly. It was fun and down to earth, but also very meaningful. I really felt seen. Everything she mentioned resonated with my personality, my current situation and questions about my path. I’m super curious and excited to find out how the astrological events we talked about will manifest in my life!

– Joanne, the Netherlands

This was my first time getting a chart reading, and Britt was really great. She was very prepared, and delivered the information with so much empathy. I learned so much from the session, not only about myself but also about astrology. It was very eye opening, and she really helped me understand the reason behind some difficulties I’ve been having. I highly recommend her services, and will happily come back for another reading in the future. Thanks so much, Britt!

– Natalia, Belgium

Britt’s reading was so enlightening to me! Britt is professional and sensitive and very meticulously pays attention to the topics that are important to you. Although I have been studying astrology myself for a while, Britt took me on a journey through my birth chart and showed me things I hadn’t discovered on my own. It is healing to talk about your own life in this way, I have gained many new insights. And with Britt it went without saying; she has a lot of knowledge, kept a good overview and sensed exactly what I wanted to talk about. Many thanks, Britt! I have learned a lot from you!

– Anouk, the Netherlands

The reading of Britt was really nice. I wanted to learn more about my good qualities because I have difficulty seeing them and about what that could mean for my career possibilities. Britt had so many relevant things to say about that based on my chart, about why I may struggle in certain areas, about what the strengths behind those struggles are and how it may play out in my life. She also specifically mentioned things that happen astrologically in the next year that can be relevant to me. All in all it was a very positive and uplifting experience, and really constructive. It’s really amazing to learn so much about yourself through an astrology reading! I’ve taken a lot of notes from the recording already and I’m sure I’ll listen to it again.

– Nina, the Netherlands

Britt was awesome! She helped me understand my Virgo aspect in a new way and I felt so SEEN. She also helped me understand my relationship with money, and how I’ve been affected by the Uranus aspect in my chart. It felt great to have her confirm my public and professional role and to help me make sense of aspects that had previously been confusing. She was kind, relaxed and open-minded, supporting me to make my own connections along the way. I highly recommend her for a basic birth chart reading to get a clear foundation on the gifts and challenges of one’s chart.

– Melissa, USA

This was my first birth chart reading and my mind is blown. I understand myself so much better now. Britt is very clear and down to earth about your chart. A no nonsense or hocus pocus approach if you ask me. You can feel that Britt is really passionate about this and that makes a consult feel amazing. I would highly recommend Britt to any one who is interested in learning more about their birth chart.

– Marlies, the Netherlands

An unforgettable and educational experience that I can recommend to everyone! As mentioned before: Britt is an accessible, empathetic (and smart!) person who makes you feel comfortable right away. She had fine-tuned the consultation to the needs and issues I specified in the intake form. It soon became clear to me how much care and energy she had put into her analysis of my birth chart, and how accurate her interpretations were. Although I’ve always been a bit apprehensive about my birth chart placements, Britt was able to articulate the positive powers of certain aspects very well. I found the way in which she made constructive connections between the pain and happiness points in my life enlightening and surprising. Britt also gave me a set of concrete advice for the future, which really felt like a gift! Thank you beautiful Britt, words are not enough.

– Iris, the Netherlands

In the past I had a birth chart made and I immediately recognised the chart that I received from Britt prior to the Zoom consultation. However, the explanation I then received from Britt was much more accurate and recognisable than from that horoscope from the past. Britt knew a lot from the placements: my strengths and my weaknesses and themes that have been playing all my life. It was like I got a blueprint of my life so far. Now that I am in a phase of life in which I am aware of the biggest issues in my life and usually know how to deal with them, I did not expect that so many new insights would emerge from this consultation. Really nice to see! The consultation went very well: Britt puts you at ease, is calm, friendly and offers you plenty of room for questions and thoughts. She shows that she has studied the matter well and knows what she is talking about and because of this she makes something that seems to some people fuzzy, very accessible and understandable. I was very impressed with the consultation and can recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves.

– Helga, the Netherlands

I have never had a consultation or a reading, but was open minded going into it (also not knowing what to expect). Britt is a very kind person with a comforting and familiar vibe. I felt at ease from the very beginning. The reading itself was amazing. Everything she said made sense, it was like she knew me. Some things fell into place because of my chart and Britts explanation , things I already knew but couldn’t understand myself. I enjoyed this entire process so much. Thanks Britt for making me understand ‘me’ a bit more..

– Eva, the Netherlands

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