Below are some kind words from the lovely people who have booked a consultation or reading with me in the past.

As a team of colleagues, we had three beautiful readings from Britt. This was a great way for us to understand ourselves better and get to know each other better. On a personal level this was so valuable and as colleagues this was very special to be able to share with each other. Everything fell into place; why we form a good team and why we complement each other well on a personal and professional level. Britt’s three readings have brought us closer together and we can and will definitely recommend doing this within teams in companies for a great collaboration. Thank you so much for these insights Britt.

– Ayla, Sanne & Bianca.

Britt showed me how magical and mind blowing astrology can be. After a birth chart reading, we took a look at some transits for the year ahead forecast. Even though I don’t know anything about transits or profections, Britt explained it all very clearly. It was fun and down to earth, but also very meaningful. I really felt seen. Everything she mentioned resonated with my personality, my current situation and questions about my path. I’m super curious and excited to find out how the astrological events we talked about will manifest in my life!

– Joanne M.

This was my first time getting a chart reading, and Britt was really great. She was very prepared, and delivered the information with so much empathy. I learned so much from the session, not only about myself but also about astrology. It was very eye opening, and she really helped me understand the reason behind some difficulties I’ve been having. I highly recommend her services, and will happily come back for another reading in the future. Thanks so much, Britt!

– Natalia D.

Britt’s reading was so enlightening to me! Britt is professional and sensitive and very meticulously pays attention to the topics that are important to you. Although I have been studying astrology myself for a while, Britt took me on a journey through my birth chart and showed me things I hadn’t discovered on my own. It is healing to talk about your own life in this way, I have gained many new insights. And with Britt it went without saying; she has a lot of knowledge, kept a good overview and sensed exactly what I wanted to talk about. Many thanks, Britt! I have learned a lot from you!

– Anouk H.

The reading of Britt was really nice. I wanted to learn more about my good qualities because I have difficulty seeing them and about what that could mean for my career possibilities. Britt had so many relevant things to say about that based on my chart, about why I may struggle in certain areas, about what the strengths behind those struggles are and how it may play out in my life. She also specifically mentioned things that happen astrologically in the next year that can be relevant to me. All in all it was a very positive and uplifting experience, and really constructive. It’s really amazing to learn so much about yourself through an astrology reading! I’ve taken a lot of notes from the recording already and I’m sure I’ll listen to it again.

– Nina H.

Britt was awesome! She helped me understand my Virgo aspect in a new way and I felt so SEEN. She also helped me understand my relationship with money, and how I’ve been affected by the Uranus aspect in my chart. It felt great to have her confirm my public and professional role and to help me make sense of aspects that had previously been confusing. She was kind, relaxed and open-minded, supporting me to make my own connections along the way. I highly recommend her for a basic birth chart reading to get a clear foundation on the gifts and challenges of one’s chart.

– Melissa G.

This was my first birth chart reading and my mind is blown. I understand myself so much better now. Britt is very clear and down to earth about your chart. A no nonsense or hocus pocus approach if you ask me. You can feel that Britt is really passionate about this and that makes a consult feel amazing. I would highly recommend Britt to any one who is interested in learning more about their birth chart.

– Marlies R.

An unforgettable and educational experience that I can recommend to everyone! As mentioned before: Britt is an accessible, empathetic (and smart!) person who makes you feel comfortable right away. She had fine-tuned the consultation to the needs and issues I specified in the application form. It soon became clear to me how much care and energy she had put into her analysis of my birth chart, and how accurate her interpretations were. Although I’ve always been a bit apprehensive about my horoscope placements, Britt was able to articulate the positive powers of certain aspects very well. I found the way in which she made constructive connections between the pain and happiness points in my life enlightening and surprising. Britt also gave me a set of concrete advice for the future, which really felt like a gift! Thank you beautiful Britt, words are not enough.

– Iris B.

In the past I had a birth chart made and I immediately recognised the chart that I received from Britt prior to the Zoom consultation. However, the explanation I then received from Britt was much more accurate and recognisable than from that horoscope from the past. Britt knew a lot from the placements: my strengths and my weaknesses and themes that have been playing all my life. It was like I got a blueprint of my life so far. Now that I am in a phase of life in which I am aware of the biggest issues in my life and usually know how to deal with them, I did not expect that so many new insights would emerge from this consultation. Really nice to see! The consultation went very well: Britt puts you at ease, is calm, friendly and offers you plenty of room for questions and thoughts. She shows that she has studied the matter well and knows what she is talking about and because of this she makes something that seems to some people fuzzy, very accessible and understandable. I was very impressed with the consultation and can recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves.

– Helga V.

I have never had a consultation or a reading, but was open minded going into it (also not knowing what to expect). Britt is a very kind person with a comforting and familiar vibe. I felt at ease from the very beginning. The reading itself was amazing. Everything she said made sense, it was like she knew me. Some things fell into place because of my chart and Britts explanation , things I already knew but couldn’t understand myself. I enjoyed this entire process so much. Thanks Britt for making me understand ‘me’ a bit more..

– Eva G.

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