Shadow tracing

Astrology meets therapy

About this session

Shadow Tracing (working title) is a new offering where we use your birth chart as a tool and starting point to do some deeper healing work together. Over the past few years of giving birth chart readings, I’ve found that astrology is such a wonderful tool to help us understand the system we’re part of, showing us the areas in life that may be a bit more tender, as well as the parts in our chart that seem to be somewhat of a blind spot.

Using your birth chart as a starting point, we’ll explore some of these more tender or confusing areas in life and find a way to establish a connection with the parts of you that may need a bit extra tender loving care. As a coach and counsellor in training, I’ll use some of the tools in my tool kit (mindfulness, somatics, parts work etc.) to help you reconnect with yourself and embrace all that you are.

Since this is an experimental offering, I can’t tell exactly what a session is going to be like. The work we end up doing together very much depends on your own input and expectations. Generally though, a session lasts about 60-90 minutes and will include a mix of meditations, visualisations, and coaching, on top of some astrological interpretations.

If you end up booking a test session, you agree to provide detailed feedback within 3-5 days after our session.



Understanding yourself more deeply

During the session we’ll focus on a life area you struggle with, exploring the astrological reasons for this and building connections so you can start healing.


Lots of time for inner reflection

Using meditations, visualisations, and parts work, you’ll be prompted to get to know a certain placement in your chart experientially, making your birth chart come alive in a unique and embodied way.


A coaching-like conversation

Your own vulnerability and willingness to share about your life are very much at the core of this type of work. I will hold space for whatever comes up as we explore your inner blockages and stuck patterns.



A full birth chart reading

This work is explicitly meant to be a deep dive into one area of your birth chart and life. It’s definitely not a classic reading where we discusss your entire chart.


A quick fix

Since this session is more therapeutic, our time together is a great step in your self discovery journey, but it won’t solve all of your problems overnight. Deep work takes time.


Being told what to do

As your astrologer, I help you make sense of the astrological symbolism in your chart and guide you towards your own potential. However, I can’t answer all of your questions or make big decisions for you.

If all of the above resonates with you and you’d be willing to provide feedback within 3-5 days after our session, I’d be honoured to explore your inner universe with you!


“This session felt like the therapy session of my dreams.”


“This session felt like the therapy session of my dreams:

you viewed me through the lens of astrology, which is entirely without judgment, and then provided suggestions that are truly tailored to my birth chart. It felt like I finally had answers to questions that have been puzzling me for ages.”

Caprice S.

“You were warm and made me feel at ease out the gate.

I appreciated the grounding meditation in the beginning. The flow of the session felt very easeful and balanced; I appreciated the give-and-take between you providing information about my chart and you guiding me in intuitive practices. ”

Meredith R.

“You were so kind and patient and I truly felt supported in the session.

The session was very gentle for being something that could be hard to navigate with all of the shadow being illuminated. Your neutrality and professionalism allowed me to fully accept these aspects about myself and see how I can improve upon myself for a better life!”

Michele M.

I´m interested, but I´m not sure yet

That’s fine – I can keep you posted when I’m done workshopping this session and ready to offer it as a full consult.

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