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Astrology is a symbolic language that can help you understand yourself, your unique energy and the gifts and challenges you’ll encounter in this life.


Britt’s reading was so enlightening to me! Britt is professional and sensitive and very meticulously pays attention to the topics that are important to you. Although I have been studying astrology myself for a while, Britt took me on a journey through my birth chart and showed me things I hadn’t discovered on my own. It is healing to talk about your own life in this way, I have gained many new insights. And with Britt it went without saying; she has a lot of knowledge, kept a good overview and sensed exactly what I wanted to talk about. Many thanks, Britt! I have learned a lot from you!

– Anouk H.

Britt was awesome! She helped me understand my Virgo aspect in a new way and I felt so SEEN. She also helped me understand my relationship with money, and how I’ve been affected by the Uranus aspect in my chart. It felt great to have her confirm my public and professional role and to help me make sense of aspects that had previously been confusing. She was kind, relaxed and open-minded, supporting me to make my own connections along the way. I highly recommend her for a basic birth chart reading to get a clear foundation on the gifts and challenges of one’s chart.

– Melissa G.

This was my first birth chart reading and my mind is blown. I understand myself so much better now. Britt is very clear and down to earth about your chart. A no nonsense or hocus pocus approach if you ask me. You can feel that Britt is really passionate about this and that makes a consult feel amazing. I would highly recommend Britt to any one who is interested in learning more about their birth chart.

– Marlies R.

About me

Hi, I’m Britt—Astrologer + counsellor.

I believe that you already have all the answers inside of you, but you may need some help remembering.

Astrology doesn’t tell you anything you don’t already know, but it can help you remember your unique purpose and gifts. I use astrology and counselling to help you navigate the muddy waters of life by translating your planetary roadmap into something real and tangible. The planets can help illuminate your path, giving you a sense of direction and encouragement, affirmation that you are exactly who you need to be. You just need to make sure you have a decent tour guide (that’s me!).


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