Discover your inner universe

In our current day and age it can be hard to find stillness. We are often juggling many different things (work, relationships, social life) to the point where self-care and introspection become afterthoughts. This makes it hard to feel inside ourselves and discover who we really are.

Yoga can be a tool on the road to awareness. It is a way to turn inwards and get in contact with your mind, body, and emotions. My yoga classes are accessible, slow, and introspective. Every posture is an exercise to bring your attention to yourself and your breath. By consciously turning inwards and being present in your body, you can invite softness and relaxation into your body. True relaxation feels like coming home to yourself. You are welcome to join me in this constant journey of becoming aware and returning to yourself.



And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?


I want to help you feel at home in yourself

The offerings below are tools I use in doing so

Group classes

Online classes via Zoom


Due to the Corona virus I am not giving any physical yoga classes at the moment. Instead I teach donation-based online classes through Zoom. Check my Instagram page to stay updated on the scheduled dates.

Classes can be given in Dutch or English.

Private classes

One-on-one guidance

In person or online

If you are looking for personal guidance and support with your  yoga practice, I offer private classes that are completely tailored to your individual needs, such as becoming more flexible or finding inner peace.

Classes can be given in Dutch or English.

About me

Hi there, I’m Britt!

I am a yoga teacher (hatha and yin) and astrologer, based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and I’m passionate about personal development and creating a deep connection with myself and others. With my yoga classes, astrology readings and writings, I invite you to get to know yourself and trust your body and intuition.