Embodied astrology coaching


Astrology is your North Star. Your body is the compass. Let’s map the way together.


Astrology for healing

Is this you?

So you think astrology is pretty cool, but sometimes it still feels a little vague. You’ve read about your birth chart online – maybe even had a professional reading or two – and most of what you’ve found deeply resonates, but sometimes you can’t help thinking… “now what?”

You believe that astrology is a powerful tool for self actualisation, but doing the actual work of putting your insights into practice by yourself feels tricky. Perhaps you feel stuck or you’re afraid of what you’ll find.

You want the practical guidance from a somatic coach to make lasting changes in your life – all while keeping an eye on the stars and wisdom within your birth chart.

Constellate is a 1:1 astrology coaching experience that merges astrological insights with hands-on guidance, designed to help you make steps towards embodied transformation.

Constellate might be right for you if…

You’re ready to go beyond surface-level interpretations and discover how your birth chart can help you become more authentically yourself.

You yearn for a goal-oriented and embodied experience of astrology: less “woo-woo”, more practically useful.

You’re looking for more perspective on the “challenging” placements in your birth chart, befriending all parts of you and feeling more empowered.

You want to make lasting changes in your life, using your birth chart as a map and bodily wisdom as your compass.

Embodied transformation with astrology

How we work together

Each person is unique, and so is every birth chart. Similarly, no two Constellate sessions are the same. Since my approach to coaching is intuitive and client-centred, each session will be tailored to your individual needs, while at the same time I’ll make sure that every session aligns with your overall goals. Some of our sessions will be centered around your birth chart or timing trends, while in other sessions we’ll do somatic coaching work with your goals and intentions. In every session, I use my understanding of your birth chart and somatic coaching skills to anchor your transformational process. Together we create a personalised pathway to get you where, and most importantly how, you need to be.

Constellate sessions include:

Insights from traditional astrology

We’ll explore the unique features of your birth chart through an archetypal lens. This will give you a sense of what makes you uniquely you and how to apply astrology to your life.

Parts work & somatic exercises

We get to know the planets as inner parts within you, with different needs. You’ll learn to embrace these parts and ease some of their burdens. We might work with movement, breath, touch, voice, or art-making to unlock authentic self-expression.

Visualisations & integrative meditations

Most sessions includs a meditation or visualisation to nourish your nervous system and tune into your bodily wisdom. These practices help to harvest and integrate insights into your life.

Healing conversations & reflections

We start most sessions with the question: “What is alive for you right now?” I hold space for your process, offer you insights and guidance, and additional reflection questions, to help you reclaim your power.

Homework & workbook exercises

You’ll receive the 40+ page Constellate workbook with additional worksheets. I also offer custom-tailored (and optional!) “homework” that you can do to ensure that your growth journey extends far beyond our sessions.



Learning to embody your birth chart

Using somatic exercsises, meditations, visualisations, and parts work, you’ll be prompted to get to know your birth chart experientially. We’ll work together to make your chart come alive in a unique and embodied way, empowering you to self-actualise with astrology.


Astrology made practical

This isn’t some woo-woo shit. I focus on what is relevant in your birth chart and give you practical tips and insights that you can apply directly. The actionable steps and homework exercises help you get into action, and we’ll check in every session to see what changes you’ve made.


A transformative journey

Real transformation is a combination of getting to know your shadows, accessing your inner light, and taking aligned action. This implies a willingness to be vulnerable and venture into the unknown. I will hold space for whatever comes up as we explore your inner blockages and stuck patterns.

What not to expect…


A generalistic reading

My job as an astrologer is to get to the heart of your birth chart. We won’t discuss worn-out descriptions of your placements, but instead do a deep dive into your life, where we identify goals and areas of growth. It’s definitely not a classic reading where you’re left feeling like whatever we discussed could apply to anyone.


A quick fix

Since this work is more therapeutic, our time together is a great step in your self discovery journey, but it won’t solve all of your problems overnight. Transforming stuck patterns takes time.


Being told what to do

As your guide on your inner journey, I help you navigate home back to yourself by making sense of the astrological symbolism in your chart, pointing you towards your own potential. However, I can’t do the inner work for you or tell you what decisions to make. I help illuminate possible paths, but ultimately it’s your job to take the actual steps.

ABout Britt

What we can achieve together

Constellate is the medicine I once desperately needed. When I was stuck in my mid twenties, I had no clue how to find the liberation and freedom I craved. I was stuck in outdated beliefs about who I was supposed to be and didn’t have the tools to understand, let alone embody my purpose.

Reading about my birth chart online provided some insights, but it also kept me in a state of paralysis. I wasn’t able to look beyond the very basic interpretation of what my birth chart said I was, and feel what else was possible. Hearing about my own strengths from another astrologer was affirming, but it always felt very surface level. Sure, it’s cool when someone tells you who you are, but then there’s the rest of your life where you actually have to start embodying that. The star gazing in and of itself was never enough to change my life.

It wasn’t until I started adding somatic work into the mix, that I finally deeply felt and understood who I was and how to make that person come alive. I quit my job in academia and radically changed my life. No longer the anxious overachiever, I now prioritise rest and authenticity. (Okay, there’s still some anxiety sometimes, but hey, I have Virgo placements…) The combination of astrology and embodiment work not only offered me a way out of my distress, but also helped me find my purpose within it.

I’ve been helping folks find their way back home to themselves since 2019. My approach to coaching is unique in that I blend insights from ancient and modern astrology with somatic exercises and coaching. As an astrologer and embodiment coach, I don’t just tell you about your purpose, gifts, or skills, I help you become them.

Some of the issues I’ve helped folks with:

Discovering true life purpose and making aligned career shifts.

Restoring a sense of joy and creativity after living life on auto-pilot.

Learning to express and embody healthy boundaries.

Transforming beliefs of feeling “not enough” and cultivating a deep sense of self-love.

Restoring a connection with the body, becoming more present.

Navigating tricky relationship patterns and making healthier connections.

Building resillience and a greater capacity to be with discomfort.


“This session felt like the therapy session of my dreams.”


“This session felt like the therapy session of my dreams:

you viewed me through the lens of astrology, which is entirely without judgment, and then provided suggestions that are truly tailored to my birth chart. It felt like I finally had answers to questions that have been puzzling me for ages.”


“You were so kind and patient and I truly felt supported in the session.

The session was very gentle for being something that could be hard to navigate with all of the shadow being illuminated. Your neutrality and professionalism allowed me to fully accept these aspects about myself and see how I can improve upon myself for a better life!”


This is the perfect kind of therapy for me, having a practitioner who speaks my language (astrology) and who can meet me on different levels, analytical, imaginal, emotional, and spiritual.

I’ve been doing Constellate astrology sessions with Britt for about six months, one or two sessions a month. […] I always walk away from sessions with more lightness, peace, softness, greater clarity about what I need, and more compassion towards myself. I have wanted therapy for a long time and not been able to find a therapist who I could afford, and who I could work with on a schedule that works with my life. I value how flexible she is, able to meet me where I’m at and how sensitive she is, able to quickly get a feel for what kind of session will be most helpful. I highly recommend sessions with Britt for anyone who wants to grow and change and have more insight into themselves and their patterns.”


“You were warm and made me feel at ease out the gate.

I appreciated the grounding meditation in the beginning. The flow of the session felt very easeful and balanced; I appreciated the give-and-take between you providing information about my chart and you guiding me in intuitive practices. ”


Constellate helps you make steps toward embodied transformation

“Knowledge is only a rumour until it lives in the bones.”

Your investment

Choose your adventure

Picture this: you find yourself at a crossroads, a choice to be made. Which path do you take? It’s not about which path is better—both lead to your chosen destination. One is like a well-organized road trip, efficient and clear. The other, a bit wilder, a hike through unknown terrain, exploring depths and crafting lasting change. The journey, they say, is the destination, and whichever path you choose shapes the experience. Each path also determines the style of your guidance—whether you want your guide to stay the course, or whether you don’t mind hiking off-trail. As someone embodying both Virgo and Scorpio qualities, I’m here to hold space for your choice.

Not sure which path suits your needs best or just want a sense of your guide (that’s me!) before embarking on a new journey? I offer a free 30-minute discovery call. Let’s chat and explore the possibilities together. The decision is ultimately yours.

The Virgo Path

You like going from A to B fast, diving straight into the heart of the matter. This path will offer a focused approach, where every session is dedicated to maximizing your progress. No beating around the bush—just 3 months of hands-on guidance, insightful coaching, and personalized practices to propel you toward your goals.

What’s included

3 months of astrology coaching

A natal chart consult, focused consult and 4 somatic coaching sessions (6 sessions total)

Identify areas in the chart for personal growth and setting goals

Use of somatic exercises, parts work and mindfulness to empower authenticity

Workbook for further reflection


Rebalancing access: €930 (€155/session)

Fair access: €810 (€135/session)

Supported access: €690 (€115/session)

The Scorpio Path

You enjoy the less traveled path, because you know that you might strike gold. This path is for those who crave real and embodied change, a 6 month journey of self-discovery that reshapes your life from the inside out. Going into your own underworld doesn’t scare you—you have no fear of depths, just a great fear of shallow living.

What’s included

6 months of astrology coaching

A natal chart consult, focused consult, astrology forecast and 9 somatic coaching sessions (12 sessions total)

Identify areas in the chart for personal growth and setting goals

Use of somatic exercises, parts work and mindfulness to empower authenticity

Workbook for further reflection


Rebalancing access: €1680 (€140/session)

Fair access: €1440 (€120/session)

Supported access: €1200 (€100/session)

The scaled pricing allows me to increase the accessibility of my services. Please choose the option that feels appropriate to you and your circumstances.

  • Supported access – For those with currently limited financial resources who will benefit from access supplemented by the community.
  • Fair access – For those with sufficient financial resources and who can pay fair value for the experience.
  • Rebalancing access – For those with more than enough financial resources and a desire to support access for others to help rebalance systemic inequity.

*With great appreciation for Reverend angel Kyodo Williams who created this format of the sliding scale.

I have questions!

Reach out to me below if you have any questions about this type of work, payment options, or anything else to make sure we’re a right fit.

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