Find your way back home with astrology, somatic coaching, and parts work


Find your way back home to yourself with Constellate, as we explore your birth chart and embrace the wisdom held within your body. Maybe you’re feeling stuck in relationships, career, or limiting beliefs from your past. Perhaps you have lost your confidence, find it difficult to express healthy boundaries, or struggle to embrace the parts of you that may seem a bit harder to love. Or maybe you simply crave to rediscover who you are and take your needs seriously. Wherever you currently are, I can help you move from feeling stuck and guide you towards reclaiming your power. You deserve to create a life that aligns with your purpose, and embodies pleasure and fulfillment.


Astrology for healing and transformation

Is this you?

You’re intrigued by astrology, but struggle integrating the planetary archetypes in your life. You feel a deep longing to be more authentically yourself, but you’re not sure how to actually put your spiritual insights into practice. You want to embrace the different parts that make you who you are, without bypassing any aspect of yourself.

Constellate is a transformative coaching experience that merges astrological insights with practical guidance, honouring the fact that you contain multitudes. Combining astrology with somatic coaching, parts work, and mindfulness, Constellate helps you bring celestial wisdom back down to earth and take steps toward embodied transformation.

Many ancient cultures looked to the stars to navigate their journeys across vast lands and treacherous seas. In Constellate we use your birth chart as your personal compass that navigates you back home to yourself.

Constellate might be right for you if…

You’re ready to go beyond surface-level interpretations and discover how your birth chart can help you reach goals and become more authentically yourself.

You’re looking for more perspective on the “challenging” placements in your birth chart, befriending all parts of you and feeling more empowered.

You yearn for a holistic and embodied experience of astrology: less “woo-woo”, more practically useful.

You want to make real and lasting changes in your life, using your birth chart and bodily wisdom as your compass.

ABout Britt

Here’s what I bring to the table

As a professional astrologer and holistic coach I combine my background in yoga, meditation, and astrology with tools and techniques from various coaching and counselling modalities, including somatic coaching. My approach to coaching (and life!) is holistic, trauma-informed, IFS-informed, and rooted in an intersectional feminist, anti-capitalist framework. As someone who is neurodivergent, I deeply value inclusivity and strive to create a safe and affirming space for clients of all backgrounds and identities.

Please note that while coaching can have therapeutic benefits, I’m not the primary person to see for the assessment, diagnosis, or treatment of mental health disorders or crises.

Some of the tools in my toolkit include:

The set-up of the sessions

Steps towards embodied transformation

In this one-on-one coaching opportunity, we co-create a personalised pathway designed specifically for you and the changes you desire. I’ll walk alongside you, offering additional reflection questions and custom-tailored (and optional!) “homework”. In addition, we might make use of guided meditations, visualisations, and simple yet potent embodiment and nervous system practices, all of which will anchor your transformational process. These personalised tasks deepen your self-awareness, reinforce the insights gained during our sessions, and provide practical tools to integrate transformation into your daily life. This unique blend of professional guidance, self-reflection, and actionable steps ensures that your growth journey extends far beyond our sessions, creating lasting change and tangible results.

The steps below offer an example pathway, but your unique needs and desire will always guide our journey together.


Using your birth chart as a tool and starting point, we’ll explore your unique strengths, challenges, and conditioned tendencies, which gives you a sense of what makes you uniquely you. We explore the archetypal energies present in your birth chart and how to utilise them in your life. We’ll also discover your personal goals and co-create an intention for you to achieve during our time together.


We get to know the planets as inner parts within you, understanding their function and needs. From this connection with your parts, we cultivate a deep sense of self-compassion and embrace the multifaceted nature of your inner universe. As we continue to envision your goals and intentions, we make your dreams come alive (using visualisation and somatic exercises) and identify the necessary steps to bring them to fruition.


We invite embodied impulses toward expression and transformation, allowing your authentic self to make itself known. This includes working with emotions, breath, voice, movement, and/or touch. Using reflective and integrative practices such as journaling and art-making, we harvest insights from the previous steps, empowering you to embody and apply your personal growth and wisdom in tangible, actionable ways in your everyday life.



Learning to embody your birth chart

Using somatic exercsises, meditations, visualisations, and parts work, you’ll be prompted to get to know your birth chart experientially. We’ll work together to make your chart come alive in a unique and embodied way, empowering you to self-actualise with astrology.


Understanding yourself more deeply

Though we focus mostly on how to achieve your goals, we’ll also explore what has prevented you from achieving them, validating your experience and building connections so you can start healing.


A transformative journey

Real transformation is a combination of getting to know your shadows, accessing your inner light, and taking aligned action. This implies a willingness to be vulnerable and venture into the unknown in order to heal and move forward. I will hold space for whatever comes up as we explore your inner blockages and stuck patterns.

What not to expect…


A classic birth chart reading

This work is explicitly meant to be an embodied deep dive into your birth chart and life, where we identify goals and areas of growth. It’s definitely not a classic reading where we analyse your chart from a purely technical and cognitive perspective.


A quick fix

Since this work is more therapeutic, our time together is a great step in your self discovery journey, but it won’t solve all of your problems overnight. Transforming stuck patterns takes time.


Being told what to do

As your guide on your inner journey, I help you navigate home back to yourself by making sense of the astrological symbolism in your chart, pointing you towards your own potential. However, I can’t do the inner work for you or tell you what decisions to make. I help illuminate possible paths, but ultimately it’s your job to take the actual steps.

Common somatic coaching goals

What we can achieve together

Constellate is a unique combination of astrology, somatic coaching, parts work, and mindfulness, designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and embodied empowerment. This work extends beyond traditional therapy or counselling, focusing on personal growth, goal-setting, and creating positive change in various aspects of life. My job as a somatic and trauma-informed coach is to hold space for your process, help transform your insights into action, and support you as move from a place of stagnation to a life that fully embodies who you really are.

When you align with your values in an authentic way and embodied way, you’ll be able to live your life with more presence, purpose, and empowerment. Some of the folks I’ve worked with have been able to find their dream job, engage in more meaningful and fullfilling relationships, overcome performance anxiety, and become more resillient and confident within themselves.

Some of the issues I can help folks with:

Discovering your true life purpose and making career shifts more aligned with your values.

Exploring and transforming limiting beliefs (the classic “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”).

Reestablishing a connection with your body, living life from a more centred presence.

Improving your relationships by understanding your unique dynamics and patterns, fostering healthier connections.

Learning to express and embody healthy boundaries.

Cultivating a deep sense of self-love, acceptance, and compassion for all parts of yourself and others.

Restoring a sense of meaning and greater connection to spirituality.


“This session felt like the therapy session of my dreams.”


“This session felt like the therapy session of my dreams:

you viewed me through the lens of astrology, which is entirely without judgment, and then provided suggestions that are truly tailored to my birth chart. It felt like I finally had answers to questions that have been puzzling me for ages.”


“You were so kind and patient and I truly felt supported in the session.

The session was very gentle for being something that could be hard to navigate with all of the shadow being illuminated. Your neutrality and professionalism allowed me to fully accept these aspects about myself and see how I can improve upon myself for a better life!”


“You were warm and made me feel at ease out the gate.

I appreciated the grounding meditation in the beginning. The flow of the session felt very easeful and balanced; I appreciated the give-and-take between you providing information about my chart and you guiding me in intuitive practices. ”


Constellate helps you make steps toward embodied transformation

“Knowledge is only a rumour until it lives in the bones.”

Your investment

Choose your adventure

 While my clients often experience noticeable shifts after just one session, choosing to commit to at least three sessions gives us the opportunity to dive deeper and really integrate the profound insights and wisdom revealed by astrology into your daily life. A package of multiple sessions allows for a pace that facilitates thorough exploration, enabling us to uncover and address the root causes that may be hindering your personal growth and well-being. Good work takes time, after all! Not sure if you want to commit to multiple sessions? No worries. You can also book a single session to see if this work is right for you. If you do end up committing to a package of multiple sessions, you can decide for yourself how frequently you want to schedule our appointments. For the best results I recommend every two weeks, but you’re also free to book weekly appointments or meet once a month or less.

Payment plans and different payment options available. Contact me for more info! Package sessions can be redeemed within 1 year.

Single session

Single 60 minute session + copy of birth chart

Explore your archetypal energies and how to use them

Discover what makes you unique

Identify conditioned tendencies and challenges for more self-understanding

Workbook for further reflection

€150 per session

6 session package

6 sessions of 60 minutes

A natal chart consult, transit consult, and 4 somatic coaching sessions

Discover what makes you unique

Identify areas in the chart for personal growth and setting goals

 Use of somatic exercises, parts work and mindfulness to empower authenticity

Learning to embody your birth chart

An astrological timing consult to discover your current cycles and their impact

Workbook for further reflection

€600 / €100 per session


3 session package

3 sessions of 60 minutes

A natal chart consult and 2 somatic coaching sessions

Discover what makes you unique

Identify areas in the chart for personal growth and setting goals

 Use of somatic exercises, parts work and mindfulness to empower authenticity

Workbook for further reflection

€350 / €116 per session

60-minute sessions are completed via Zoom. Includes birth charts, recordings, unlimited online support in-between sessions, and additional resources.

I have questions!

Reach out to me below if you have any questions about this type of work, payment options, or anything else to make sure we’re a right fit.

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