My astrology journey

Hi there, I´m Britt Broekhaus!

I’m a traditional astrologer, somatic coach, mental health counsellor in training, and teaching assistant to Kelly Surtees. Based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, I combine ancient astrology techniques with coaching, counselling, somatic practices and parts work.

Astrology helped me understand myself and my path at a time of crisis. I rediscovered my childhood passion of astrology when I was burnt out from being an overachieving academic. When I was questioning everything I ever thought I’d wanted (leave it to a Uranus transit and eclipses in your 4th and 10th house to shake things up!), I used astrology to discover the parts of me I had neglected in the pursuit of my academic identity, as well as understanding why I had neglected these parts in the first place. Astrology is a very effective tool for assessing both our talents and gifts, as well as the things that stand in the way of realising our potential. Using astrology, I’ve been able to identify both the significant blessings in my life and the core wounds or challenges that have informed my life up to this point.

My astrology practice

The astrology I practice is embodied.

Astrology roots us in time and space, and helps connect us to ourselves and the world around us. I consider my astrology practice to be down-to-earth, inclusive and informed by (intersectional) feminist and anti-capitalist ideas. My thinking is heavily informed by my academic background in cultural studies and critical theory, environmental activism, and the work of brilliant thinkers such as Tara Brach, Pema Chodron, Audre Lorde, bell hooks, Bessel van der Kolk, Jack Kornfield, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Richard Schwartz, and many others.

Both in my personal and professional life I continually look for ways to dismantle and deconstruct my own privileges as white cisgender woman, as well as seek ways to build a socially inclusive and economically just practice. This I do by speaking out against racism and any forms of social injustice, running a trauma informed business and by offering sliding scale services.

I believe that everyone should be able to have access to deeper healing and reconnection with their true selves.

Through my own experience I have come to believe that inner wisdom emerges as soon as we take the time to slow down and listen to ourselves. In my sessions I offer you a safe space to explore your inner universe, and bring insight and healing to the parts of you that have been buried or misunderstood.


These are some of the tools and techniques I’ve picked up along the way

Professional training

Reiki 1, Barcelona, Spain (2018)

Hatha yoga teacher training, 200 hours, Saswitha Yoga & Wijsbegeerte (2018-2020)

Yin yoga & anatomy teacher training, 200 hours, José de Groot (2019-2020)

Yoga nidra, 50 hours, Arhanta Yoga (2020-2021)

Coaching and counselling basics, Academy for Counselling (2022-2023)

IFS Online Circle, IFS Institute (2022-2023)

Mind-body coaching, The Embody Lab (2023-present)

Astrology training

Various courses and workshops with, among others, Kelly Surtees, Chris Brennan, Adam Elenbaas, Jason Holley, Demetra George, Austin Coppock, Kate Petty, Sarah Corbett, and Steven Forrest (2018-present)

Teacher’s assistant to Kelly Surtees (2021-present)

Fun facts about me

I’ve loved astrology since I was young

My father made a print out of my birth chart when I was born, and it became a source of fascination for me during my childhood (even though I hardly understood anything about it!).

Before I started Innerverse…

I had my eyes set on being an academic. After quitting my PhD, I became deeply invested in the interplay between spiritual development and social justice work.

Some of my fave things:

Vegan cheesecake (not the cashew kind). The poetry of Mary Oliver. Snuggling with my son. Oat cappuccinos. Hot baths. Rewatching The Office every year. A warm bowl of noodle soup. Listening to post-rock and 80s music. The number 23.

I love feeling at home in the world

One of my happiest memories is my solo trip to Japan, where I spent three months chasing autumn leaves, staring out windows, and journaling. It’s a complete coindicence (but very serendipitous nonetheless) that my husband happens to be half-Japanese.

My astrology placements

I’m a Cancer Sun, Sagittarius Moon, and Scorpio rising, with Mars in Virgo.

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