Down-to-earth astrology and somatic coaching

Explore your inner universe

I help you take steps towards embodied transformation by using your birth chart as your personal compass that navigates you back home to yourself.

About me

Hi, I’m Britt—Astrologer & embodiment coach

I believe that you already have all the answers inside of you, but you may need some help remembering.

Astrology doesn’t tell you anything you don’t already know, but it can help you remember  your unique purpose and gifts. I use astrology and somatic coaching to help  you navigate the muddy waters of life by translating your planetary roadmap into something real and tangible. The planets can help illuminate your path, giving you a sense of direction and encouragement,  affirmation that you are exactly who you need to be. Together we can help you embody the wisdom within your birth chart back down to earth.

What to expect from working with me:

Grounded approach

My counselling style and approach to astrology are very friendly, uplifting and down-to-earth. I translate the language of astrology in a way that’s concrete and meaningful to your life.


I love helping people see their own strengths and talents. I will help you remember your own inner strength and help you reclaim your sense of agency so you can make authentic decisions.


Astrology can help you heal the parts of you that have felt unseen or misunderstood. I create a safe space for you to explore the issues you’re dealing with and to guide you towards your own inner wisdom and potential.

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”


Ways to work with me

Let me help you remember your path

Astrology is a wonderful tool to help you better understand yourself, your unique gifts and challenges, and your overall life’s path. A consultation with me is a collaborative process where we explore your birth chart and create meaning together as we combine the astrological symbolism in your chart with your lived experience and any specific inquiries you may have. Consultations are 60 to 90 minutes and take place online via Zoom.


Birth chart consultation

Your birth chart is a snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born. This session will give you a greater understanding of your unique strengths and challenges, and what paths to take to find deeper fulfillment in life.

Year ahead forecast

This session is great if you already have a good understanding of your birth chart. In this session we will look at important planetary cycles and astrological transits that may help you plan and prepare for your year ahead.

Astrology coaching

Constellate is a unique combination of astrology, somatic coaching, parts work, and mindfulness, designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and embodied empowerment.

“Britt is an exceptionally knowledgeable astrologer who was able to provide me with a lot of insight and guidance for the next year ahead.

I left the session feeling with a lot of hope and excitement for the next chapter ahead. She has a really empathetic yet grounded approach to her astrology, a combo which can be rare to find but so important to me!

– Emma I.

“Britt showed me how magical and mind blowing astrology can be.

It was fun and down to earth, but also very meaningful. I really felt seen. Everything she mentioned resonated with my personality, my current situation and questions about my path. I’m super curious and excited to find out how the astrological events we talked about will manifest in my life!

– Joanne M.

“Britt was awesome!

She was kind, relaxed and open-minded, supporting me to make my own connections along the way. I highly recommend her for a basic birth chart reading to get a clear foundation on the gifts and challenges of one’s chart.

– Melissa G.

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